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Does your dog always get what he wants? Is your cat the queen of your home? When your pet is the center of your universe, you do anything to keep them healthy, happy, and of course, stylish. Dog Collar Fancy is proud to present you with a wide selection of fashionable and high-quality fancy crystal dog collars and pet products at unbeatable prices.

We are the designers and manufacturers of our crystal dog collars, and we use our own special sealant mixture to keep your pet's bling in place. We guarantee our fancy dog collars and leashes are more durable and more affordable than almost any other jeweled pet collars and leashes you can find on the market today. Our products are meticulously crafted and designed with the high-quality bling your dog needs to really stand out from the crowd. Instead of rhinestones, we use Swarovski and Czech crystals, allowing the brilliance of your pet's new jeweled collar to truly shine.

Proud to be an American Pet Collar Patriotic Stars Dog Collar Personalized Etched Bone Pet Charm
Starting at $49.95
Starting at $12.95
Our Price: $14.95
Proud to be an American Pet Collar Patriotic Stars Dog Collars Personalized Etched Bone Pet Charm
Our Proud to be an American pet collar says it all. Gorgeous patriotic design that is very unique and sparkly.
These bright and vibrant patriotic pet collars are perfect for Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day. Solid stainless steel personalized bone shaped pet charms. These diamond drag personalized pet charms will never wear off.
Pink Shabby Chic Dog Bracelet Set Patriotic Stars Bling Dog Collar Fancy Me Small Dog Collar - Pink
Starting at $14.95
Starting at $22.95
Starting at $26.95
Pastel Pink Floral Dog Bracelets Patriotic Stars Bling Dog Collars Fancy Me Small Pet Collar
These adorable dog bracelets are handmade of pastel pink with a shabby chic pink flower. These fancy patriotic dog collars with bling are perfect for USA holidays or anytime. Pastel pink small pet collar with a fancy design with clear and light rose pink crystals.

Fancy Dog Collars & Beyond

We specialize in custom-made collars - play with our Online Pet Collar Designer to create the perfect jeweled collars for your favorite furry friends! Beyond bling dog collars and cat collars, we also carry: dog beds, pet furniture, pet carriers, dog toy boxes, pet strollers, pet food and much more. Have a question? Give us a call or send us an email! We're always happy to help.

Dog Collar Fancy - Swarovski Crystal Pet Collars and More!

Cheap rhinestone will dull over time. It is not in our nature to sell inferior products. Our bling collars and pet leashes contain Genuine Czech and Swarovski Crystal. These Crystals draw out magnificent colors and bestows enchanting elegance.

Dog Collar Fancy - from basic to BLING. Custom made fancy crystal jeweled collars, leashes and harnesses for small dogs to large dogs, cats and ferrets. If you are looking for a unique pet collar, harness or leash, let us know. We are happy to help in any way we can.