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Strawberry Bling Dog Harness Strawberry Bling Dog Harness

Oh so sweet Strawberry Bling dog harness for your little girl dog. Precious and sparkly for your little princess.

Starting at $59.95
Bow Addict Dog Collar 1 Inch Bow Addict Collar

Bow Addict Dog Collar one inch wide decorated with a ribbon with the words "I'm a Bow Addict", cute bows and zebra print edging.

Starting at $16.95
Dog Birthday Hat Clip On Dog Birthday Hat Clip On

Dog Birthday Hat Hair Clip. 3 x 3 inch dog birthday hat hair clips perfect for dog birthdays or other doggy parties.

Our Price: $16.95
Smokey Topaz Dog Collar Charm or Pendant Smokey Topaz Dog Collar Charm or Pendant

Silver metal filigree Charm with clear crystal, glitter background and a acrylic Smokey Topaz teardrop shaped jewel in the center. Large size.

Our Price: $12.95
Birthday Bubbles Collar Birthday Pet Collars Bubbles

Cute birthday pet collars with bubbles in adorable colors. 5/8 inches wide. Choice of Colors!

Birthday Pet Collars choice of colors

Starting at $13.95
Journey Pet Stroller for pets up to 25 lbs Journey Pet Stroller

Gen7Pets™ Pet Strollers combine product innovation and Fashion and are the only strollers with Smart-Features. For pets up to 25 lbs.

Our Price: $164.95

Designer of Fancy dog collars cat collars jeweled pet leashes.

Dog Collar Fancy offers custom crystal jeweled dog collars, cat collars, harnesses and leashes with Bling for small dogs, big dogs and cats

We also carry dog clothing, dog furniture along with pet charms and accessories.

We specialize in fancy custom made dog collars, cat collars and leashes.

We are the manufacturer and designers of all of our crystal pet collars have metal crystal settings, not plastic. We have our own special sealant mixture to keep the crystals in place so they are more durable than most other jeweled collars you see on the market today. Better than Rhinestone, we meticulously use Swarovski and Czech crystal bringing out the brilliance of our pure fancy Jeweled Bling for your dogs and cats. Fancy collars made of nylon or leather with Swarovski and Czech crystal. Custom orders welcome.

Play with color with our
Online Pet Collar Designer.

We now carry more than just pet collars. We have dog beds, pet armoire, pet carriers, dog toy boxes, pet strollers for dogs and cats and pet foods. Dog Collar Fancy - Where the Classy Pets Shop!

Customer Reviews:

I recently purchased a beautiful crystal collar and leash for my beautiful girl....LOVE IT!!! I'm looking now to purchase a crystal harness to complete her classy look! Too much fun. My only suggestion is to add more choices on the charms. I'm looking for a Swarovski charm that says "Loved" . I had one from another company (cheap) that lasted a whole 2 days before it broke in half. Keep up the good work....your products seem to be well made and are absolutely beautiful!!!!!

I absolutely love the star diamond leather collar. I have a mini poodle mix, black, and this collar makes her look like a diva. It is gorgeous and very well made. Everyone that sees her comments on her beautiful collar. Oh, by the way, her name is Diamond.

Cheap rhinestone will dull over time. It is not in our nature to sell inferior products. Our bling collars and leashes contain Genuine Czech and Swarovski Crystal. These Crystals draw out magnificent colors and bestows enchanting elegance.

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Dog Collar Fancy. From basic to BLING. Custom Made Fancy Crystal Jeweled Collars, Leashes and harnesses for small dogs to large dogs, cats and ferrets. If you are looking for a unique pet collar, harness or leash, let us know. We are happy to help in any way we can.