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Fancy dog collars, crystal cat collars, jeweled pet leashes. Custom pet collar orders welcome.

Dog Collar Fancy offers Crystal jeweled collars, harnesses and leashes made to order for small dogs, big dogs and cats too. Fancy collars made of nylon or leather with Swarovski and Czech crystal. Let us create a custom Bling collar for your pet!

We also carry pet collar charms, hand made dog clothing and other pet accessories.

All of our crystal pet collars have metal crystal settings, not plastic. We have our own special sealant mixture to keep the crystals in place so they are more durable than most other jeweled crystal collars you see on the market today. Better than Rhinestone, we meticulously use Swarovski and Czech crystal bringing out the brilliance of our pure fancy Jeweled Bling for your dogs and cats.

Create fancy Bling pet collars online at Dog Collar Fancy with our
Online Pet Collar Designer.

Bling On A Cloud Dog Collar Star Diamonds 1 Inch Wide Leather Collar Diamonds and Sapphires Collar
Starting at $109.95
Starting at $84.95

Starting at $46.95
Bling On A Cloud Velvet Jeweled Big Dog Collar Star Diamonds LEATHER Crystal Dog Collar Diamonds and Sapphires Collar
2 inches wide. Bling On A Cloud white nylon with white velvet overlay and decorated with solid silver color and small Clear Crystal. CHOOSE YOUR COLORS! Star Diamonds Leather Crystal Jeweled Dog Collar. Gorgeous leather collar with crystal colors of your choice! Diamonds and Sapphires Collar made of royal blue nylon decorated with sapphire and clear crystal in the center. Just a fabulous high end pet collar.
Formal Dog Bow Tie Collar and Cuffs Velvet Star Diamonds Collar Tuxedo Formal Dog Collar
Starting at $38.95
Starting at $36.95

Starting at $59.95
Dog Bow Tie Collar and Cuffs Star Diamonds Velvet Dog Collar Tuxedo Formal Dog Collar
CHOOSE COLORS / FABRICS Hand made high quality dog bow tie collar and leg cuff sets for dogs. Great for weddings or other formal occasions. CHOOSE YOUR COLORS! Gorgeous Star Diamonds Velvet Dog collar comes with your choice of collar colors and Crystal colors. Our most popular Pet Collar. Perfect for weddings and other formal occasions, our Tuxedo Formal Jeweled Dog Collar is one inch wide. Nice!
Cheap rhinestone will dull over time. It is not in our nature to sell inferior products. Our bling collars and leashes contain Genuine Czech and Swarovski Crystal. These Crystals draw out magnificent colors and bestows enchanting elegance.
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Dog Collar Fancy - From basic to BLING - Affordable Custom Made Fancy Crystal Jeweled Collars for small dogs to large dogs, cats and ferrets.