3 Inch Wide Collar Cuddler - Butterflies

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3 inch wide designer dog collar in flowers and butterflies print

This collar is perfect for Standard Poodles other larger long neck dogs. 

This 3 inch wide designer dog collar with flower print fabric band, lime nylon strap and flowers embellishments made for big dogs. The fabric portion is made stiff enough to where it won't fold over like many other fabric collars do. This collar comes with a metal buckle and d-ring. On these big dog collars, be sure to measure your dog's neck to be sure he or she can wear this collar. They are a big 3" wide and are only made for big dogs and long neck dogs.

Measure your dog's Neck EXACTLY to find the correct size collar. Do not add any extra as we will do that for you. 

Widths available:

  • 3 inches wide

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