Dog Collars - History and Style

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History of dog collars

Did you know? By the peak of ancient Egyptian civilization, dog collars and leashes were used in dog training, and collars by themselves have been used for well over 1000 years. It is also believed that when dog collars were first invented, they were used to protect the dogs from wolf attacks while hunting or on sheep watch. In particular, spiked collars which would keep the wolves from being able to attack the throat. Nowadays, they are used for fashion and other purposes.

What is a dog collar made of?
A dog collar is a piece of material put around the neck of a dog. These collars can be made of nylon, leather, cording or fabric. Styles include everyday nylon buckle styles in plain or printed - decorative dog collars, personalized dog collars, or martingale collars. There is also the breakaway collar, which is meant to pull apart if any pressure is applied to protect the pet from choking if the collar gets caught on anything. Cats in particular typically wear this style.

What are dog collars used for?
Dog collars are used for control, identification, or simply as a fashion statement and are often used with a leash. A dog harness combined with a leash is also a great alternative, especially for dogs who are known to have issues with their trachea, like Chihuahuas and some other small breed dogs. Breakaway styles are also a great alternative although they are not to be used with a leash as they are meant to "break away" if caught. Step in harnesses are also perfect for these breeds and attaching a leash to the harness give you full control over your dog.

Fancy crystal dog collars.

Fancy fashion for dogs
Today fancy dog collars are a must for pampered pet owners. Let's face it. Dogs these days to many, are like children, and pet parents love their dogs to get all the attention. Fancy dog collars are becoming more and more popular with our canine friends, and we're not talking just girl dog collars. The boys are joining in too with studded crystal collars that are made in just the right colors for the macho man dogs. Custom made dog collars are very popular, as people can design a collar that fits their pets personality perfectly, and they will wind up with a collar that is not only beautiful, but unique - not your typical pet store item.

Quality made dog collars save money in the long run
Keep in mind that if you want your dogs collar to last, you may want to pass on the cheap rhinestone dog collars and opt for the quality of a Czech or Swarovski crystal collar as it is money well spent. Quality nylon and leather styles with crystals that are made to last. These are flashy, sparkly pet collars and real crystal will not dull over time. Keep that in mind when considering what type of collar you want for your dog. And please, if you love your pet, avoid the citronella and shock collars, as they are just plain cruel.

So there you have it. Decorative, personalized, customizable and crystal collars are all the rave these days. Because let's face it. Our "kids" deserve the attention as they give us a love that is "built to last".

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