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We have been designing Bling pet collars since 2006. We are proud to present you with our unique selection of fashionable, quality fancy dog collars, crystal cat collars and leashes including Swarovski crystal dog collars, fancy cat collars, custom made dog collars and cat collars, decorative collars and fancy leather dog collars with bling. Our custom made fancy crystal pet collars and leashes are made with genuine crystal in metal settings, not plastic. Our jeweled pet collars are more durable than most other crystal collars you see on the market today. You will also find custom dog clothes including embroidered dog shirts and fancy dog dresses, pet collar accessories, personalized pet items, pet beds, dog toy boxes and more for dogs and cats of all sizes. We are meticulous in the way our products are made. We are all about quality. If it's not good enough for our pets, it's not good enough for yours. 

A Few of our Pet Friends

We love our customers and appreciate you all. Thank you so much for sending in your pets photos!

Customer Testimonial

Hi Dawn- Thank You so much for your "great customers service", beautiful hand created items that you have created just for our fury babies on a daily basis, my fury babies know when your box comes to our home they just can't wait for us to open that box, reach in and pull out and put on their beautiful creation that was specially made just for them by you, they get that excited! Wearing your specially made collars made just for them, we have noticed, how proud they seem to be, they actually have a spring to their step when they are walked in our neighborhood, it's a look like, hey everyone, look at me, they feel beautiful and proud. Ordering from you has always been a very pleasant experience for me because of your attention to detail and your excellent service. My order's through the year's have always been perfect, I have never had to send anything back to you, right collar and a perfect fit, happy mama, "very" happy fur baby. Thank You for being a good listener, being very helpful answering all my questions and just getting it right. Warm Regards, Margie B