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Hello! My name is Dawn. I started Dog Collar Fancy in 2006 because I love to make crafts and I love to dress my dog. I saw so many online stores that sold Swarovski crystal pet collars and leashes, and I thought to myself "Gosh, only people with a lot of money could buy those". They were so expensive! I wanted to be able to offer fancy crystal pet collars without the huge price tag. Don't get me wrong, we do use Swarovski and Czech crystals, but our shop is small. We are not a big company, and we buy our crystal in bulk so that we can save you money because let's face it. Every pet deserves that extra attention and loads of bling without having to spend loads of money!

About our collars:

I searched for the best quality nylons, leathers, velvet and crystals to be sure my pet collars would be of the highest quality and when it comes to bling pet collars, the highest amount of sparkle and shine - of course! And these crystals will never dull.

About our nylon:

The nylon we use has an incredible amount of pull strength, yet they are soft, smooth and very comfortable for any pet, and of course, made in the USA, and there are many colors to choose from.


About our velvet:

We only use Swiss velvet, which has a full, luxurious look and feel and is easy to care for. This is the highest quality velvet you can buy. It is simply beautiful!

About our crystals:

We use Swarovski and Czech crystals and there is nothing in the world like the sparkle of these crystals! Easy care, and unlike cheap rhinestones, these fancy crystals will not dull or tarnish in any way, ever! They are very easy to care for using simple dish soap, water and a soft bristled brush like our horse hair brush. Questions about our collars?

People have asked us "How the crystals are put on the collars"?

It took us 2 years to develop just the right adhesive mixture, as we wanted to be sure it was strong, permanent, waterproof, clear and safe for use. Our crystal collars are more durable than most other companies and I'm sure you will be thrilled with the quality.

Comments about our collars:

People have repeatedly told us that the pictures on our site do not do our collars justice. It's quite the compliment really. One woman called and joked that she had to put sunglasses on when she let her dog outside in the sun with his crystal collar on! It's hard to get a good picture of something that sparkles as much as our collars do, but we guarantee you will be thrilled with what you see when you receive your order.

About our dog clothing:

We have seamstresses that make much of our dog clothing, and they can make practically anything for any size dog, and they - like me - are meticulous in quality. Custom dog clothes orders are welcome! We also design embroidered dog shirts in general sizing and we are happy to create whatever you would like to be embroidered on a dog shirt, or add some bling! 

Truly the possibilities are almost endless, as we are the designers and manufacturers of most products we sell on Dog Collar Fancy, so if you ever want something specially made for your pet, please give us a call or visit our custom sections to create something special for your pet.

Our offering of pet foods, treats and pet care:

We only offer healthy pet foods and treats that are human grade. No artificial colors or flavors, no by-products, no chemicals. We want your pet to live the longest and happiest life possible. Learn more about our pet foods and treats.

And last but certainly not least:

You will find that we are all about the happiness of pet, so you will not see pronged dog collars, shock collars, electric fences or anything else that harms pets in any way, and you never will. That is my promise.

I thank you so much for reading this, and have a fabulous day!

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