How to Train Dogs to Use Pet Stairs and Ramps

Posted by Dawn Jenness on

There’s a number of reasons why pet owners may find pet stairs and ramps useful. They’re particularly helpful for senior dogs with arthritis, dogs with injuries to their back or limbs, or small pets who simply need help with getting onto beds or into cars. Training your dog to use pet stairs and ramps may prove to be difficult, however.

We know that dogs living in our environment (in our houses and apartments, riding in cars, etc.) are exposed to certain activities that open up the risks of injuries, and increased risk of joint problems. Studies found that constant jumping and climbing may eventually result in joint health issues and arthritis.

While the use of pet stairs can be helpful in this matter, by nature canines do not have any experience going up or down the stairs, thus will need to learn how to navigate them properly. If you’ve just bought a set of dog stairs for your pooch, he may be slightly suspicious and wary of their safety. Here’s an infographic on everything you need to know about pet stairs, and how to teach dogs to use them.

How to Train Dogs to Use Pet Stairs and Ramps

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