A Cat Lover's Guide on How to Walk a Cat on a Leash

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A Cat Lover's Guide on How to Walk a Cat on a Leash

Are you a cat lover who wants to go on long walks with your kitty? If so, then you'll be happy to know that you can, in fact, train your cat to walk on a leash! This guide will teach you how to walk a cat on a leash, as well as what tools (leashes, harnesses, collars, etc.) you'll need for this task.
There are over 36 million households in the United States with cats. But how many of these millions of cat owners know how to walk a cat on a leash?

Some of our feline friends would love to go exploring outside. The best and safest way to do that is by using a harness and leash to walk your cat.

Follow the steps below to learn how to walk a cat on a leash the right way.

Choose the Right Harness and Leash

The first thing you need to do before walking your cat with a leash is to get its measurements.

Measure the girth of your cat's chest. Use those numbers when deciding on which harness to purchase.

Be sure that the harness you pick perfectly fits your cat. It should not be so loose that it dangles off your cat or so tight that it squeezes its body. If the harness has adjustable straps, use them.

Once you find the right harness, it's time to choose the right leash for your cat. You will want something light-weight and, if possible, stretchable.

Leashes also come in many different designs and colors. Choose the look that best represents you and your cat, such as a red, rose-decorated leash.

Let Your Cat Adjust to the Harness and Leash

It can take a cat anywhere from one week to several months to adjust to a new home. Adjusting to a new harness and leash isn't that different. It can take several days and that requires patience from the cat's owner.

Help your cat adjust to its harness by putting it on your cat inside your house for a few short minutes every day. Make sure to give your pet positive reinforcement as you do this.

Once your cat seems comfortable walking around your house in the harness, attach the leash to it. Initially, let your cat walk around your house with the leash attached to the harness but you not holding it.

After your cat seems acclimated to both the harness and leash, it's time to practice walking with them. Grab the leash and hold it as your cat continues to move around your home.

Do your best not to yank or drag your cat as you walk with them. Let your cat lead the way and move on its own accord.

Get Your Cat Used to the Outdoors

Your cat may be intimidated to go outside the first time for a walk. Don't force your cat to follow you outside. Maybe even leave your door open so it can take its time as it decides to go out.

When your cat finally goes outside, follow behind it and hold the leash steady. Be sure to give your cat positive reinforcement.

Keep the first few trips outside to around five minutes or so. Increase their length little by little each following day so your cat can continue to gain confidence.

Moving Forward With How to Walk a Cat on a Leash

Keep these tips in mind if you are unsure of how to walk a cat on a leash.

These simple instructions can help your cat learn to love the outdoors and allow you both to get some quick, easy exercise by walking every day.

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