Why and How to Use an Indoor Dog Gate

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Why and How to Use an Indoor Dog Gate

Keep your pup safe and out of spaces they're not supposed to be by using indoor dog gates. Check out this complete buyer's guide to learn more about how and why to use them!

Dogs have long been considered man's best friend and for good reason. There are countless stories out there of dogs saving their owners, or knowing when their owners are sick, or even going out of their way to meet new people.

As amazing as dogs are, though, they do have their downsides. Oftentimes this is minor stuff, like drinking from the toilet or begging for food during dinner.

One particularly difficult problem is a dog's natural curiosity. Being the intelligent, excitable creatures they are, dogs are quite fond of exploring. This can be adorable at times, but it can also become a problem, especially if you have a puppy.

Being so tiny, puppies are more likely to get hurt, so it's ideal to keep them out of certain areas. To this end, you might want to invest in indoor dog gates.

Below, we'll talk more about indoor dog gates, why they're important and how to set them up.

Indoor Dog Gates: Why Do We Need Them?

There are plenty of reasons that you might need a dog gate. For instance, perhaps you're still training your dog. It might be useful to keep them in the same room as their crate or near the front door.

You may also have visitors who are uncomfortable around a dog or vice versa. It might be best to keep the dog away in this case.

Perhaps your 'guest' is not a visitor but another pet, and one your dog does not get along with. This is especially true if one of them is new. They'll probably need time to get used to each other, so it's best to keep them separated.

How to Use an Indoor Dog Gate

Luckily, indoor dog gates are fairly easy to set up and take down. They basically work the same way as safety gates. Just stretch them to fill the door frame and then lock them in place.

In fact, if you have a baby, but don't want to go through all the work of baby-proofing every room, these gates work for little ones too. Plenty of people do it, and it seems to work perfectly.

It is worth noting at this point that dog gates are not necessarily one size fits all. For instance, a larger dog will need a larger gate. Also, if you have a dog with a habit of chewing on things or a cat that likes to scratch, go with a metal gate.

Perhaps you have a climber, in which case, you'll need a design that can't be climbed. A gate composed of vertical bars should do the trick.

Out of Trouble, and Out of Harm's Way

There are a lot of different kinds of indoor dog gates, and the question of which is right for you depends on your particular situation. The good news is that nearly all dog gates are fairly easy to set up and remove when you need to.

The best advice is to know your own home and know your dog, and you should be fine.

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