Small Dog Collar 1 Row Crystals

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Custom made small pet collar with crystals in color choices.

Design a small pet crystal collar to fit the personality and coloring of your dog or cat. Just choose the collar and crystal colors to create the perfect collar for your pet. These collars are made of a quality nylon and crystal, are made for cats and small dogs and come in your choice of metal buckle or breakaway style (safety buckle).

Breakaway Buckles. Breakaway buckles are specially designed for cats. If their collar catches on something, the cat's twisting or struggling action causes the buckle to open, freeing the cat. Breakaway buckles are not to be used with a leash.

Both collar styles come with a d ring. It makes a great breakaway kitten collar, cat collar or small dog collar.

Widths available:

  • 3/8 inch wide
  • 1/2 inch wide

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