Care Instructions

What are your care instructions?

Crystal Care instructions: Be kind to your pets crystal item. It is like a fine piece of jewelry and is not meant for rough play or for sleeping in. Our crystal collars, harnesses and leashes are meant for "fancy" wear or dress up time and are not intended for daily wear. Crystal Care: To clean: It is best to use a gentle dish soap and water on crystal. Add just a couple of drops to a 1/2 cup of warm water. Use a babies toothbrush or a horse hair brush as it will not scratch the crystals or the setting. You can use it to gently work around the prongs of the setting and remove dirt and grime. Do not scrub, but use gentle, circular motions. Rinse with warm, clear water so that there are no soap bubbles left behind. Dab dry with a clean, soft cloth. Allow the collar / leash / harness to fully dry.

Crystal Replacement: We make every effort to be sure no crystals come loose by sealing them in their settings. If by chance you lose a crystal, please contact our customer service department to help determine the color(s) of crystal(s) lost. Three crystals per collar can be sent free of charge. Once crystals are replaced, you will need to close the prongs (the back end of a tweezers works well). Afterward, turn the collar upside down - crystal side facing down on a table or counter top using a paper towel to protect the surface, and press along the length of the collar with your palms to make sure the prong settings are flush to the crystal. It is now good as new!