5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy This Fall

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5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy This Fall

5 ways to keep your pet healthy this fall

 As a pet owner, summertime brings lots of perks: you can spend more time with your pet, and you have plenty of options for outdoor exercise. But your pet’s needs will always change slightly with the seasons, so why not start preparing for the fall early? These tips will help you create a shopping list for helpful gear, get your pet started with beneficial supplements, and research basic remedies for common health issues that may crop up.

Get the Right Gear

Your four-legged friend might need a wardrobe update for fall! After all, if you want to keep your pup toasty warm when you walk them on chilly autumn mornings, you’ll need to choose snugly fitting booties and a comfortable sweater. When you head outside for a stroll before sunrise, your dog will appreciate the extra warmth!

And why not pick up a stylish new collar to match the rest of your pet’s seasonal gear? Try shopping online with brands like Dog Collar Fancy, where you’ll be able to find bright, colorful collars to suit any breed! By making your purchases online, you can also seek out great deals and save money.

Dietary Choices

As we head into fall, it’s a good time to evaluate your dog’s diet and see if you need to make any changes. Many dogs have mild sensitivities to common pet food ingredients like chicken, beef, dairy, wheat, and eggs. Symptoms like itchy skin or digestive troubles could be seasonal allergies, or it might be time for switching their food. 

Speaking of foods, in the summer months, your dog might enjoy crunching on ice cubes or other frozen goodies, but as the weather cools down, consider baking some tasty treats for them instead! Experiment with safe ingredients like peanut butter, vanilla yogurt, molasses, and more. Just steer clear of toxic foods like chocolate and raisins, as well as any ingredients that your particular pup has trouble with.

Choose Beneficial Supplements

Perhaps your canine companion could use an extra nutritional boost after a busy summer. If you and your dog have spent a lot of time playing outside and enjoying the sunny weather, you want to make sure that they’re not missing out any key vitamins and minerals so that they can properly refuel! 

The American Kennel Club specifically recommends incorporating glucosamine and fish oil supplements into your dog’s diet for their overall health. You may also want to consider probiotics and additional antioxidants. With these supplements, your dog will be in top-notch shape for the fall!

Treat Aches and Pains

If you and your dog have been enjoying hours at the dog park, the beach, or out on hiking trails this summer, they might be experiencing some aches and pains in their joints. And as the temperature drops, your pup might end up dealing with discomfort caused by dry skin on their paws and nose. To remedy muscle pain, you can give your pet a gentle massage and treat them to warm baths with mineral salts. And to treat chapped skin, This Dog’s Life recommends natural oils like coconut, Vitamin E, or shea butter. You can also purchase a gentle balm to rub on affected areas.

Manage Anxiety

 Will your schedule change from summer to fall? If you know that your work schedule will be busier in the next season, your pet may experience some anxiety when you’re unable to give them as much attention. To make them feel more comfortable, consider buying your pet a compression wrap, or playing music for them to listen to when you’re not around. Don’t forget to make time for indoor exercise!

 When you own a pet, you want to give them the best life possible, and this means paying attention to their changing needs throughout the year. If you prioritize your pet’s health and tweak their routines as we transition to a new season, your animal companion will be looking and feeling their best all year long!

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