6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Travel With Your Dog

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When you decide to take a family vacation, you may consider the whole family — the two-legged members as well as four. Traveling with your dog is a no-brainer. It’s simply not as much fun without your pup around. However inclusive that mindset may be, it can also be limiting and even expensive. There are places that have yet to welcome dogs — and many never will. Then there are places that do welcome dogs, but you have to pay a fee. And those extra costs add up— quickly.

Do you enjoy traveling and want to make sure every member of your family can have a good time? Here are six budget-friendly tips to ensure happy trails for all.

State Parks and National Forests: Take your dog camping in a state park. Many national parks and other recreation areas do not allow dogs, but most national forests and state parks do. Camping is one of the least expensive — yet most fulfilling — vacations you can take. Both you and your dog will benefit from spending time in the great outdoors.

Dog-Friendly Vacation Rentals: More and more hotels and vacation rentals are seeing the benefit of being dog-friendly. While some require you to pay a fee or a deposit, there are many 

out there that allow dogs to stay for free. Pet-friendly vacation rentals from sites like AirBnB often have fenced-in backyards and amenities that you don’t have to pack, like dog beds, toys and food bowls. 

Discount Codes for Travel Accessories: Traveling with your dog is a lot easier with the right kind of accessories, but they can get pricey. You can look to sites like Ebates for a promo or discount code to snag high-quality gear at lower costs from some of your favorite retailers. Remember, things you’ll want to think about having on hand:

  • Crate or car harness for car travel
  • Collapsible food and water bowls
  • A cooling vest if you plan to do a lot of hiking in a hot area
  • Bed or blanket for traveling

Doggie Day Care: If you don’t want to leave your dog behind at the hotel or vacation rental, consider taking him to doggie daycare. If your dog is social and enjoys being around other pups, a day at a dog day camp could be a great adventure. You can check out websites like Groupon that offer discounts and deals on daycare so you can stay within budget. Be sure your dog meets all their requirements, such as being up-to-date on shots and vaccinations, and don’t forget to bring paperwork that shows it.

Dog Beaches: What family doesn’t love a sunny, sandy beach vacation from time-to-time? Those kinds of trips are fun, but can occasionally be challenging when it comes to finding a place to keep your dog. You can make sure your dog is included in the activities by visiting dog-friendly beaches. The best part about these trips — aside from being able to play with your dog in the waves — is that most of these beaches are free or cost only a few dollars. Just be mindful of leash requirements and bear in mind that not all dog owners understand the limitations of their dogs. Always be cautious and keep a watchful eye on your dogs’ interactions.

Be Savvy About Food and Treats: Many pet owners like to spoil their dogs with healthy food and mouth-watering treats that get them excited. But we all know these can be costly. You can keep the prices down by using subscription services that lower your overall cost or use promo codes to get deals on their favorite treats. Saving money on food can help you squirrel away a bit more spending money for your next vacation.

Including your dog on your vacation is important to you, and it would be a shame if budget was the only thing keeping him at home. These money-saving tips for traveling with your dog can help make your next vacation your best vacation.

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