How to Massage Your Dog With These Easy Tips

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Do You Want to Learn How to Massage Your Dog In a Few Simple Steps?

Whether you are hanging around with a puppy, or an adult dog, it is important to know how to massage your dog. Take a look at some of our amazing tips to keep your furry friend relaxed and without a care in the world.

Your dog doesn't know how to talk, but if she could, she would ask for a massage! Touching and playing with your dog is both fun, and it's good for you too! Learn how to massage your dog, and you'll both be wagging your tails in glee.

How To Massage Your Dog

Maybe you're teaching a child how to play with a dog for the first time. Maybe you're a cat person, or maybe you're an alien from another planet. You still have to learn how to massage your dog.

The first thing to know is that dog's LOVE to be touched by humans.

If the dog is not familiar to you, take it very slow. Allow the animal to approach you. Dogs and humans can read each other's emotions, so look him in the eye and you'll be able to tell if he's friendly.

A dog likes to be touched the same way a human does! Dogs evolved to suit the needs of humans, and so if it feels good to you, it probably feels good to your friend! Give a gentle massage to your dog, the same way you would rub your grandmother's feet.

Your dog will tell you what she likes. If she tries to pull away, yelps, nips at you or growls, that means "BACK OFF SUCKA!!" If she squeals in pleasure, rolls on her back, wags her tail or head, and she looks like she is enjoying it, "KEEP GOING PLEASE!!"

You may find that once you learn how to massage your dog, your dog won't even let you stop. She may decide it's your permanent job in life to rub her belly.

Don't fall for it. Keep up your normal human activities and don't become your dog's slave.

The Anal Gland Nightmare

If you thought this article was going to be all nice and sweet, you were wrong! Now we have to talk about something you probably don't want to know about: How to massage your dog's anal glands.

Your doggie has two small sacs, called anal glands, just inside his butt that create a smelly juice when he goes #2. Other dogs can smell it a mile away, and it's like a doggie business card. "Hey this is MY poop area, stay off my turf!"

Normally, anal glands drain out when your dog does his own business. In some animals - especially small dogs and older dogs - the glands will fail to express properly, and fluid can build up and cause a problem. You can tell this is happening if Fido starts dragging his butt around like he's on fire, or if he licks himself too much down in that area. Take him to the vet.

Your vet will show you how to gently squeeze the glands until they ooze like a zit. Pinch the sac between two fingers and apply pressure. Don't wear your nice clothes while doing this. You'll probably need two people, or at least a collar on her.

I'm not going to lie to you, it's disgusting. But for many pets, it's a medical necessity. Especially for older, and smaller dogs. This takes the idea of how to massage your dog to another level!

Treat Your Pet Right

Pamper your pet with good food, cool accessories, and learn how to massage your dog. You'll even live longer, and both you and your pet will be happier animals. Check out our blog to learn even more ways to enjoy the company of man's best friend!


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