Overweight Pets - What To Do?

Posted by Dawn Jenness on

Did you know? An estimated 58 percent of cats and 54 percent of dogs in the United States are overweight.

It's 2018, and chances are that many of us have given up on our resolutions to lose weight. But what about your pets? Obesity in pets these days is a serious problem, and it is one that can seriously harm your pet’s health, and shorten their life span considerably.

The sad part is, it's usually commercial pet foods that causes the issue in the first place. The ingredients many times are cheap, parts that are deemed unsafe for human consumption, full of by-products and other ingredients that are by anyone's standards - disgusting. Who would knowingly feed these types of foods to their pets?

If you're looking to get your pets weight down, or for those of you who have pets that are at a normal weight but just want them to live a longer, happier and healthy life, may I make a suggestion?

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