5 Most Luxurious Christmas Gifts for Dogs

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5 Most Luxurious Christmas Gifts for Dogs

There's no better time to pamper your pet than the holiday season. But which high-end gifts are scoring big points with dogs? Learn more with this quick buyer's guide to the most luxurious Christmas gifts for dogs.

We love our pets. often times, more than certain friends and family. We take great care to make sure they are happy and healthy. We also love to celebrate holidays and birthdays.

There is a huge market for Christmas gifts for dogs. And so there should be. What's better than pampering our pets on special occasions? Of course, we do it for ourselves, but the right gift will benefit our dog, as well.

Here are a few examples of gifts to consider if you are looking for the perfect gift.

Christmas Gifts for Dogs

More often than not, our cats and dogs prefer the box and the wrapping the gift came in. It's still fun to shop for our beloved fur babies.

1. Spa Day

What is better than a day of pampering? A full body shampoo, a trim, massage, brushing, mani-pedi, and maybe even a bow on top. You can do this at home or at the groomers, whichever your dog prefers.

If your dog has never been to a groomer, take him in for a single treatment, just to allow him to get used to it. Dogs love water, so start with a warm bath and a haircut.

2. Fancy Collars

Who doesn't love getting jewelry for a present? There are so many fancy collars to choose from. Leather, cotton, studded, beaded, dripping with jewels.

You can even get custom made collars, so poochy doesn't have to worry about the shame of showing up at a function wearing the same outfit as a Cocker Spaniel!

3. Fancy Feeder Dishes

The material of your dog dishes matters. Stainless steel is easy to clean, not porous, as not to attract bacteria and very durable. Perfect if your dog uses his dish as a toy.

If you have a big dog or an older one, consider a raised platform. This means the dog can access the dish easier, and not have to get too low. Dogs can get sore and arthritis.

4. Gourmet Food

You should always strive to give your pet the best quality of food. There are plenty of top brands available. Cats tend to be more picky about their food than dogs. It's wise to buy a small bag, just in case they don't care for it.

5. Posh Bed

You can find beds shaped like cars, like actual beds, big, soft cushioned beds that are just for your dog. Why not let them have their own private sleeping space?

It's the perfect way to let your dog sleep beside you without him being on the bed.

Barking All The Way

Our constant companions deserve a treat at Christmas time, just like we all do. You don't have to break the bank to find the perfect Christmas gifts for dogs. From healthy chew toys to a romp in the park, all they really want is love.

If you have more than one dog, or just want to spoil the one you have, you will be spoilt for choice. For more ideas, or to place an order, please continue here.


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