How to Find the Perfect Dog Shirt

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How to Find the Perfect Dog Shirt

Are you the proud owner of a new pup? Don't forget to buy a fresh wardrobe for your new friend. Learn how to pick out the right dog shirt for your breed in this quick buyer's guide.

American pet owners spend around $70 billion a year on their furry friends.

While this accounts for everything from vet bills to food, pet clothing is becoming more and more popular in the US.

But, fitting your pup with a cute dog shirt isn't just for fun. It's also a practical way to protect your furry friend from hot or cold weather.

Read on to find out how to pick out the best dog shirts in this buyer's guide.

Size Matters

It may seem obvious, but it's crucial to take size into account before buying a shirt for your dog.

To be a good fit, the shirt has to be snug but still comfortable for your dog to move in.

These sizing instructions explain that you need to measure your dog's neck, chest and length - from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

Our high-quality dog shirts come in a range of sizes from XS to 6XL. All our shirt listings show a sizing guide photo so you know exactly how big these sizes are.

This allows you to match the shirt measurements to the right size for your dog. But, if you're in doubt, always opt for the next size up.

Consider the Season

A shirt makes a cute accessory for your dog. But, dog clothes also offer protection from the elements.

During the colder months, older dogs and some breeds can suffer more than others. Small, short-haired and toy dogs like Yorkies in particular really feel the cold. This makes a warm shirt a necessary purchase to keep your dog snug and comfortable.

When it's cold, a soft cotton shirt is great for keeping your dog warm. For added fun, you can match your dog's shirt to the time of year. This 'trick or treat' shirt is perfect for Halloween, or go with a Christmas-themed shirt for the holiday season.

And in the summer, a shirt will help stop your dog from getting sunburned if you have to go out in the heat. Protect your dog's skin with a light cotton shirt in the hotter months.

Match Your Dog's Personality

As well as being practical, a shirt for your dog should reflect his or her personality.

It's important to consider your dog's character and behavior when choosing the right shirt for him or her.

Shirts with a cute picture or funny phrase are a great way to express your dog's individuality. Whether she's a momma's girl or he's a real charmer, you're sure to find the perfect shirt.

You can even create your own personalized shirt with the color and message of your choice.

Find the Perfect Dog Shirt

Despite canine clothing being a growing trend, it's still not that easy to find clothing for dogs in stores.

But, with high-quality dog shirts made to fit your dog perfectly, it's never been easier to buy dog shirts online. Shop now to find your dog's perfect shirt, or contact us with any questions.


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