The Best Yorkie Outfits for Summer

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The Best Yorkie Outfits for Summer

Are you the kind of dog owner who dresses your Yorkie better than yourself? If you're looking for summer Yorkie outfits, here's your guide.

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It's estimated that Americans spend an average of $62 billion on their pets each year. And why not, our furry friends deserve the best.

If you own a Yorkie and want to get ready for the summer season, then you need to know how to dress your pooch.

Here's a guide to Yorkie outfits for the summer.

Why Put Clothes on Your Yorkie?

Although some people might not think it's necessary to put clothes on their dogs, this could not be further from the truth.

Yorkies are a toy breed, which means they have a lower tolerance for the cold doesn't matter the time of year.

Most dogs are insulated by an extra layer of fat, but since Yorkies do not weigh all that much, they don't benefit from body insulation.

Unlike most dogs who have a double coat, Yorkie's only have a single coat, which makes them more vulnerable to the cold.


You may think getting Yorkie clothes in the summer is purely to make them look cute, but you might be wrong. Even in the summer Yorkie's need the extra layer of warmth to stay comfortable.

They might spend a great deal of time inside where it's cold, or you might live in a climate where even summer nights are cool.


Shirts are a great way to dress up your Yorkie for casual occasions like lounging around the house or simply going for a stroll.

If you have a female Yorkie, you can pick shirts with cute phrases. For example, 'Cute as a Button', 'Drama Queen', and 'Naturally Sweet'.

There are also a lot of options if you have a male Yorkie. Pick graphic shirts in blue or red colors with corky phrases such as, 'I Chase Tail'.


If you love to dress your Yorkie for special occasions in the summer, there's nothing better than a cute dress.

You can find from simple dresses to elaborate ones. The elaborate ones often have ballerina tutus and fancy details.


Although it might not be necessary to get a vest in the summer, some areas do get a bit chilly at night even in the warmer months. Since Yorkies tend to get cold due to their size, it's a good idea to keep a vest handy during these months.

Vests are great because they protect your Yorkie's core temperature.

How to Care for Your Yorkie's Clothes?

Buying cute summer outfits for your Yorkie is an investment, so you need to know how to care for the clothes.

Make sure you always read the label on the garments because some more delicate pieces need to be hand washed.

If you have the okay to machine wash them, make sure you still place them in a mesh garment bag to protect them.

Pick These Great Yorkie Outfits for the Summer

For this summer, make sure you dress up your Yorkie in the cutest graphic tees for casual and chill days. And when you want to dress them up, it's time to bring out the dresses.

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